Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Laptop or Netbook Care Tips

Many of us who can only operate the laptop but not knowing how to order a laptop can be treated well and live longer. Here are some tips on caring for your laptop.

Cleaning the "Keyboard"
Laptop keyboard dirty easily, either because of greasy fingers, cigarette ashes, food scraps, or dust. Take the brush and brush to the sidelines of a button to remove dust, or use a portable vacuum cleaner to suck dust there. Clean the surface of the keyboard keys with a cloth soaked in cleaning fluid glass. Use keyboard protector protection to prevent the dirt.

Screen wipe
Do not indiscriminate use liquid cleaners on the screen, use glass cleaner. Spray on soft cloth or cotton, then polish the screen. Do not spray directly on the screen, because it can cause the surface of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to be striped. Clean the same direction, for example, from top to bottom or from left to right, and do not push too hard.

Avoid Hot Sun
Do not leave your notebook in the car parked in the sun. Excessive heat in the car can cause damage to the components of the notebook.

Avoiding stroke
Secure sharp objects from around the notebook. Place the protective layer over the keyboard before you close the case, so that the screen was scratched. If you want to travel, enter the notebook on the container / bag that has been available.

Sleek Case
Hands dirty and greasy also be the cause of case is no longer shiny. Use detergent without an alkaline substance with water to clean. Can also be a multipurpose cleaner for electronics, which is usually a foam. Spray on soft cloth, then gently rub the surface of the case.

Saving notebook
When you will save a notebook for a long time, you should remove the battery and store in a cool, dry, and air circulates well. Place the silicone gel to prevent mildew. So want to use it again, stun battery by filling and emptying as many as three times in a row.

Avoid Magnetic Field
To protect the existing data on the hard disk, do not place devices that contain magnetic fields / strong electromagnets around the notebook. From these devices producing magnetic fields, for example, speakers are not shielded (unshielded speaker system) or mobile phone. Should you wish to access the Internet using the facility infrared on the phone, put the phone within a distance of about 15 cm from the notebook.

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