Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Sri Mulyani Speech

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani delivered a speech representing the government for the last time in front of members of parliament. Applause greeted members of the House of Representatives last speech Sri Mulyani.

"We'll give Ms. Sri Mulyani Indrawati Minister of Finance the opportunity to make a speech about the government's economic policy. Let's give applause," said lead assembly, the Vice Chairman of the House Priyo Budi Santoso, clapping his hands in the Parliament Building, Senayan, Thursday (20/05/2010).

All members of Parliament who were present were immediately give applause mengiring Sri Mulyani steps to the podium speeches. Sri Mulyani, this time representing the government their views on the Draft Budget 2011.

Priyo last speech was warmly welcomed Sri. "May this be our last meeting in degrees Ibu Sri Mulyani as Minister of Finance," explained the shocking still ovation.

When you begin a speech, Sri Mulyani also thanked members of the House of appreciation given. "Thanks," said Sri as he continued his speech.

Source : KOMPAS.com

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